Draw two grids of squares, filling one with colours that you like and the other with colours you dislike. Then put the two grids side by side and ask the question ‘which one looks better?’

The colours I don’t particularly like certainly look better together.

We tend to like vivid colour more because they enhance our personality, brighten up our days and make us think of brightness which evokes a sense of positivity. Although the colours we like most aren’t good together I experimented myself drawing these two grids above, I’ll now try experiment new arrangements placing side by side shades I like and shades I don’t particularly like. For example I don’t really like light blue but if I mix it with a particular shade of green the result is Tiffany green which is not green and not light blue but a totally different shade which I really really like.

As we can see in the image above not all colours are good together, it’s all matter of choosing the right selection of shades and mixing them with colours that could go well if placed side by side, the choice of the combination is subjective but there are certain colours that if put together are just not pleasant to the eye and can create a totally uncomfortable atmosphere in an interior.

Published by Vanessa

22 Italian Interior design student at OCA uk

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