Following on from the work of these artists, research another artist/artwork exploring pattern in a curated interior space. Ask questions about their use of pattern, do they treat it as infinitely unrepeatable, or is there rhythm and repetition in their work? In your sketchbook, present a critical appraisal of their art with words and images and make notes in your learning log.

The artwork I’m going to examine is very effective to analyse pattern. I’m going to focus on the pattern on the background. “The Embrace” painted by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian symbolist painter. He was influenced by Japanese art and its methods.

I’m first of all very fascinated by the unique use of the colours, they totally enhance the whole pattern of the painting making it look vivid like it’s just been hit by sun rises. The artist is famous for using many different patterns in his paintings and this one in particular caught my attention. The pattern in yellow and gold repeats the spirals all the way through the background without creating a precise rhythmic cadence but creating a continuity of curved lines falling into spirals. This continuity of curved lines gives a sense of stillness and tranquillity which is evoked by the type of line and by the motif of the pattern resulting in a sort of tree branches conveying into each other just like the couple in forefront.

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21 Italian Interior design student at OCA uk

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