Choose a directional type and a motif to design a pattern and hand draw a sample of it over at least A3 size. If you can, also experiment with 2D CAD programs to create further patterns by drawing lines or shapes and using cut and paste to duplicate, rotate or reposition elements.

The pattern I designed is directed downards, it’s visible that the “arrows” are directed down. (The lines aren’t particularly precise as I tried practicing freehand lines) the effect I wanted to give to my pattern is a changing colour based on the light effect.

What I did while making this pattern is the following: on Pinterest I found the images of flowers and a bird which I chose to be my motifs, I used photoshop to create my pattern. I selected my objects with ‘selection tool’ to isolate them from the rest of the background, I created another level with a sort of salmon pink coloured background then I copied and paste both of them several times onto the second level which will have represented the whole pattern. I chose the bird as the core pattern and the flowers as the point in which the core pattern joins. My design is a 1-way pattern and the motifs play diagonally on it.

Published by Vanessabrunotti Uni

21 Italian Interior design student at OCA uk

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