Research and draw (or photograph) more patterns found on objects or surfaces, in packaging in interiors, in architecture or in nature and study these images to find the repeating motifs within them. Can you see where a core pattern joins onto its repeated clone to form the pattern? Mark on the images to indicate these boundaries at which their motifs repeat.

The pattern I drew is the pattern of one of the tiles forming the hob of my kitchen, I recreated the pattern with a drawing and I found out that it’s 4 way pattern which means that the motifs face each other in all four directions. On the drawing I marked in light orange an imaginary point (I drew a circle but could be any any geometric form) which is the where the motifs join into their repeated clones.

Here are some photos to show the overall look of the tiles, the detail that I chose and the drawing I made of that tile

The other object I examined is the top of a candle holder which I really like. I roughly sketched its pattern to show that it’s a one-way pattern and it’s motifs are aligned to form top and bottom.

Published by Vanessabrunotti Uni

21 Italian Interior design student at OCA uk

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