In this exercise you will draw on your research to generate ideas which can shape your own design scheme for the space created under your stairs on your model.

Use these questions to stimulate your inspiration. Make notes and doodle sketches as you consider all the options you can.

  • What use can it offer?
  • Who would use the space?
  • Is it enclosed or open?
  • Does it extend beyond the width of the stair into the room?
  • What materials could be used?
  1. The under stairs of my model could be used as a place to put a lot of storage as we all know that even if you have the biggest house you want, you will always need more storage, an under stair is what will help you dramatically. The one I created is divided into three big cupboards one of which (the biggest) contains a washing machine, the other two could be used for putting towels, clothes, books, accessories for the house, cleaning tools and whatever you find in the house that you want to keep safe and organised.
  2. Everybody who wants to keep their things organised in one place. If the space is inside a Bed&Breakfast, a washing machine could be a useful service. If it’s inside a house, all the family members could use it based on their necessities or even guests to put their temporary stuff.
  3. My under stair is enclosed as one side of the staircase faces the wall.
  4. It does not extend , it’s an integral part of the staircase
  5. It’s entirely made of wood, painted in white, the rail is made of brown wood like the treads.

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