Research as many design ideas for under stair spaces as you can. Do this in two different ways – using primary research through which you gather your own information, and secondary research in which you compile information and ideas from other people’s primary research.

NOTE: In this exercise for the primary research I took some inspiration on magazines, Pinterest pictures, the staircase in my house, I mixed all the ideas and the drawing above is what came out. I imagined m y staircase in white wood in a Scandinavian style, with the treads in a darker brown wood, and the rail is made of dark iron.

For the secondary research I found some interesting designs on Pinterest and as there are plenty ways to turn an under-stairs area into usable places, here I attached few ideas.

  • THE PLAYHOUSE (in the first photo) is an amazing space that two parents decided to build for their kids under their staircase. What I read on these parents’ blog on Pinterest is that they made a box into the storage room of the basement behind the playhouse to make it deeper, this allowed it to not be confined by the depth of the stairwell. Then starting at the bottom of the playhouse they nailed the shingles in one row at the time, then overlapped each row and continued to the top. They decide that the playhouse had to be white and they used a paint sprayer. Lights inside are all run by one lights switch inside the ‘door’ at the perfect heights for the kids.
  • THE WINE CELLAR (in the second photo) is a very luxurious idea, I would imagine this beautiful under-stair in a big house in the Hamptons. The cellar is built into a hollow space under the staircase supported by a column and a big glass window fronting the staircase, you can also see another big window that works as a door for the entrance of the cellar.
  • THE LIBRARY NOOK (in the third and last photo) is a chill place, I imagine this area to be a part of a Bed&Breakfast where the clients can seat, have a cup of tea and read a book from the library. The shelves are probably made of wood painted in a dark grey.

I learnt that an under stair that many consider an awkward space, often useless and that you probably take for granted can turn into a super useful area by using a bit of imagination.

Published by vanessabrunotti

21 Italian Interior design student at OCA uk

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