In this exercise you will draw a plan view of a room or series of rooms using a computer. A plan view looks directly down onto a space, usually depicting the floor and the objects in contact with it. It is a ‘flat’ drawing as opposed to a perspective view.

NOTE: Vectorworks is the software I am using for this plan view. This exercise was the most challenging part of the whole project, these professional design softwares are very tricky as there are so many options you have access to I even lost track of what I was learning, but in the end by following guides and tutorials on youtube I managed to make my plan view , even if it’s still very plain. I love doing this kind of work and I’ll keep following guides and tutorials in order to learn everything I need to know to create a whole project. What I’ve practically done for this exercise is measure some of my house’s rooms such as the kitchen my bedroom, the living room and the bathroom (my living room is a bit bigger than that but I had to change some measurements to make the bedroom and the living room in the picture look more or less the same dimension).

Published by vanessabrunotti

21 Italian Interior design student at OCA uk

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