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“Interior design is problem solving on a large scale, but it’s also adding aesthetic touches, humanising elements that make interiors appealing and functional on an emotional level”

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Design the cabin space of a driverless vehicle you can travel and work in. You can choose any vehicle type from SUV to bus, but it must be capable of carrying human passengers. Consider each of the subjects you have learned throughout this part of the course, i.e. scale, views, environment, narrative, anthropometrics etc. HowContinue reading “PROJECT FOUR: VEHICLE CABIN”


Research the benefits of natural planting in our surroundings and make notes. Design an Interior garden space addressing factors of planting type, container design, irrigation, lighting, weight and materials by estimating values. Draw a plan and a sketch perspective. Now do the same for an ‘outdoor room’ with features you’d associate with interiors used inContinue reading “EXERCISE 4.19: OUTSIDE INSIDE”


Find physical examples or research imagery of well exploited views from interiors to outside or into other internal spaces. Analyse where you feel the opportunity has been fully exploited and why. Also consider views between level changes such as across an atrium space.• How does the viewer interact with the framed view?• Is there aContinue reading “EXERCISE 4.18: FRAMING VIEWS”

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