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“Interior design is problem solving on a large scale, but it’s also adding aesthetic touches, humanising elements that make interiors appealing and functional on an emotional level”

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Design a demountable system for exhibition with lighting to display all the noteable drawings, sketches, diagrams, mock ups and models from all of your course work to date. Present drawings, sketches, diagrams and create a working scale model that moves or comes apart to demonstrate its ability to fold away or de-mount. Consider how allContinue reading “PROJECT FIVE: HOLISTIC DESIGN”


Building on your exploration of the workpod in Exercise: 5.16, think about how you might redesign your workpod for an astronaut to inhabit in space. Consider what activities are required and what changes come with zero gravity and present your modified ideas with a short text and a few annotated sketches or diagrams. As it’sContinue reading “EXERCISE 5.17: SPACE”


Gather news articles, watch BBC’s Click or research other speculative sources such as https://futurism.com/ and then think about the impact of possible future technologically in a digitally enhanced future interior space. Study the possibilities of a people in those spaces interacting with adaptable surfaces or objects, virtual spaces and other imagined materials. Will all spacesContinue reading “EXERCISE 5.18: FUTURE”

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