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“Interior design is problem solving on a large scale, but it’s also adding aesthetic touches, humanising elements that make interiors appealing and functional on an emotional level”

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Project 1 has come to an end, I really enjoyed the whole work during this month and I tried my best to make everything quite clear on this blog.I found very interesting that the course has reading and research points which contain a lot of material created by professionals that can be used for studyContinue reading “REFLECTIVE COMMENTARY”


Test software to produce more 2D imagery and/or try out a 3D CAD programs to build a 3D model of your stair scheme. NOTE: This is a 3D model I created with Vectorworks, I selected the stair tool and added the walls


In this exercise you will draw on your research to generate ideas which can shape your own design scheme for the space created under your stairs on your model. Use these questions to stimulate your inspiration. Make notes and doodle sketches as you consider all the options you can. What use can it offer? WhoContinue reading “EXERCISE 1.11: DESIGN”

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